Trail Report

TRAILS are OPEN for the season

Parking is Available at the Saratoga County Boat Launch located on the North Shore Road.

Our volunteers are out working on the trails or at the groomer barn working on equipment almost every day. We are always looking for "HELP" trail grooming, maintaining trail signs, working on equipment, you can just come and hangout and lend a hand once in awhile or go out on the trails and keep our groomers operators company.

If you might be interested in doing anything stop by or give Jim a call at 518-863-4088

Remember to Always Check Local Ice Conditions before traveling on any body of water


Our trails held up for the Holiday weekend but due to all this warm and rainy weather our trails are toast and riding them is not recommended until we get some more cold weather and a significant snow fall.


the trails took a little bit of a hit this week but were groomed at least 4 times this week and are still in relatively good condition and with some cold weather coming back should hold up for the Holiday Weekend


All the trails were Groomed this am except The Gas trail to Fullers which is very rough because we don't seam to have anyone willing to Groom it!. Open water has been reported in front of the Turner road trail access.


We received around 20 " of snow this week and the trails have been groomed but the snow doesn't pack very well so if your going to ride hard on the trails they won't hold up very long.


We received around 3" of snow this week which is Not enough to fix the trails but provides plenty of lube on the lake. Watch out for pressure ridges and other such things that might be popping up out of the ice.


No Change


Our trails are toast until we get a significant amount of snow and riding them at this time is not recommended. Plus there is also absolutely no snow left on the lake .


we received 5" of snow on Tuesday which is not enough to repair or groom the trails.

Our trails are rideable though but are a little boney with S-80 from the lake up the mountain being the worst.

The snow fence blocking trail S-80 to the Mulleyville trails will be gone Saturday am. S-83 to Foxhill rd. has not been groomed and is 5 miles of bumps.


With all the rain and warm weather last weekend HRBRRD raised the lake 4 feet so getting on and off the Ice can be dangerous. Trail s-80 from the lake to the intersection with trail S-80b is mostly snow covered but has a lot of water damage and is very icy in a lot of spots. water is running over the bridge but should calm down in the next few days. Studs are recommended if you use this section of trail. from S-80b to the new S-80 reroute is in good condition the S-80 reroute is mostly in good condition with a few poor spots. trail S-80 to mulleyville is temporarily closed. trail S-83 is 5 miles of bumps and has not been groomed at this time. trail s-80b from the groomer barn to trail s-80 is in good condition.


Trail s-80 is now temporarily Closed headed east from the new trail reroute to the Mulleyville for the next 2 weeks due to logging. Trail s-83 to Foxhill rd will remain Closed until next Friday 1/12


Mulleyvilles trail S-83 is Closed due to logging which should end in a week or so.


Trail S-80 from the Bay Shore trailer park to the intersection of S-80B has been groomed but snow cover is thin. Trail S-80B from the Groomer barn to the main Lyme Timber road snow cover is thin. the LT road to the S-80 intersection is in great condition. S-80 from S-80B to the trail reroute is in great condition. the S-80 reroute trail snow cover is thin. S-80 headed towards the Mulleyville trails are great for a 1/2 mile then there is a mile of plowed trail till you make the right on Davignon rd. then the trails are snow covered to the intersection with the Mulleyville trail system.  


Trail Conditions are marginal at best. The S-80 reroute has been completed but due to construction needs snow bad. The Great Sacandaga Lake froze over this week but travel on it is not recommended at this time.


We received about 8" of Snow yesterday so You will need your Snowmobile to access the trails for Saturdays work party.


The trails are scheduled to Open on Dec 11 but it don't look good at this point. 

12/16 - 12/17

Work Party meet at Groomer barn 9am. you will need your atv to access the trails as we will need to build a bridge for the S-80 reroute plus other trail maintenance.

Think SNOW!!!!!

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