Trail Report


RENEW YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP NOW!?  Yes, I realize that snowmobile season is over and we are all waiting for Spring/Summer to really take hold. So why even think about renewing your membership and registering your sled? You know Winter is going to come around again and you will want to get out there and enjoy the trails when it does. Summer is when clubs work on making trail improvements and fixing/maintaining grooming equipment. This all takes money and your early registration helps greatly. Whether you renew your membership now or wait until you see the snow start to fly in November, it will cost you the same amount. The difference is that our club won't receive the money when we need it most and there are things we can't do once hunting season begins and the ground freezes. Please take the time now while you are reading this to renew your club membership online and download your voucher to obtain a significant savings when you register your sled with NYSDMV.  Thanks, Chris Waite, Club President.


It was a great season and let's hope for an even better one next year. A sincere thanks to Jim and Dan Looman for countless hours of grooming the trails this past winter. Their efforts made riding that much more fun.

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