Trail Report


People have been riding the trails but we NEED more Snow to cover all the rocks etc.

The Lake has a lot of hard crusty snow. Use your Ice Scratcher's and you should have enough lube.


Trail C8 out of Bay Shore Trailer Park is 3/4 Ice

till it hit's trail C4b which has a thin base but has been groomed thru C8 to the lost diamond camp where the trail goes back into the woods.

What lube there is should vanish when things get cold and harden up. We need snow bad!

The Lake has plenty of lube today but might not last.


On trail C8 we installed a new bridge over Gorden Creek today.


The Crew have been working hard on the trails and have them in fair to good condition.  They are a little thin on the lower trail elevations with deeper snow as you climb the mountain. Use Caution because with the thin base there are many hidden hazards such as Rocks, water bars etc.

Most of the Great Sacandaga Lake has 8 +inches of ice and has plenty of lube. 


Our trails at this point have little or No base.

Lake access to the trails is not good with thin or no ice conditions remaining after the warm spell.


The lake froze over last night at the C4B Trailhead.

( Turner Road )Some more cold weather and some snow and were in business.

Remember to Always Check Local Ice Conditions before crossing any body of water


 Please use Caution as you can Expect Spring like conditions with many open creeks, dirt and  rocks on the trails. Plus the lake is not frozen so there is limited access to the trails at this time.


The trails are OPEN for the Season

Remember to get your 200 club number for 2015 because this is how we purchase and maintain the equipment that we use to maintain our trails.

To get your 2015

200 Club number

Call John Ward 

 at 518-863-8837

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Trails are CLOSED

Track the Sno-Cat with Spot

ATV's and UTV's are prohibited!!!

Please stay on the marked trail.

Always check local ice conditions when traveling on frozen surfaces, such as lakes, ponds, rivers ect.

"CAUTION" Watch for Groomers


The Sacandaga Snowmobile Club is not liable for its accuracy, mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained in these posts. The trail conditions posted here are general information only and do not necessarily reflect the trail conditions at the time of your ride. Trail conditions may vary with temperature, snow conditions type of terrain and usage.

 All trails are used at own risk.